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We create intentional clothes made consciously.We provide relaxed, timeless luxury for purpose driven leaders. Our mission is to be the change makers: intentional and committed to better ourselves and the environment.

BEN ROSE Our Mantra
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LEt’s hear it for us

“COPALA Perfect Tee is made from a gorgeous, luxurious fabric that feels incredible and wears so well, so it dresses up just as well as it goes…”

Brad A.
about Perfect Tee

“This is simply the best pants I’ve ever owned. I’m wearing it so much so I had to buy 2 more pairs. I still need more, and I’ll get more!”

Javi M.
about Harem Pants

“I wear my Tulum shirts so frequently that I found it necessary to spare a dedicated drawer to them. Couldn't be more amazing with the soft touch of the material.”

Tony J.
about Harem Pants

We Recycle, Upcycle, and Turn Clothes Into Fertilizer

COPALA is on a mission to sustainability. We are committed to creating a Circular Fashion model. We focus on:

  • Innovative in production materials
  • Prevent waste from entering landfills and ocean
  • Recycling across all part of business
Our Impact

Intention Into Impact
1 product purchased = 10 products recycled

Fashion is major contributor to climate change. We can solve the problem. For every COPALA product purchased, we are committed to recycle/upcycle 10 used products. This is one of the many initiatives and intentions we set to give more than we take.


As a COPALA Passport holder, you receive access to member-only pricing, exclusive products, limited time collabs and more.

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