Charting a Course to True Sustainability

Let’s be the change you want to see in the world. COPALA is dedicated to innovation for good.

We are on a mission to sustainability.
We are not sustainable, yet.

By joining COPALA, you are supporting a movement into a better tomorrow through the critical practice of sustainable and ethical manufacturing. COPALA by Ben Rose is helping to drive the fashion industry towards a sustainable future. This future vision is absolutely possible.

Circular Fashion can change the world

COPALA is committed to creating a Circular Fashion model.

What is “circular fashion”? As the term “circular” implies, circular fashion strives to create a closed-loop system where everything produced remains part of the cycle, eliminating waste.

It aligns with the principles of the Circular Economy by rethinking how garments are designed, produced, used, and disposed of. This virtuous cycle stands in contrast to current models, such as fast fashion, which promote a linear and unsustainable approach.

We are committed to:

1 - Innovation in production materials

- We are real and intentional with our materials.
- Durability is a top priority.
- We are investing in innovation of sustainable materials.

2 - Preventing waste from entering landfills and ocean

- There are no single-use ANYTHING in our products.
- We avoid unnecessary plastics.
- Our tags and boxes are created for up-cycle use.

3 - Recycling across all part of business

- We use recycled plastics.
- We recycle all cuttings.
We are rethinking product-specific recycling.