Copala is a delightful little town, founded in 1565 thanks to its rich mineral lands. Built into the slopes of a small valley about 40 miles from Mazatlan, its cobblestone roads, colonial style homes, flower patios, and provincial air has converted this town into a refreshing resort in the foothills of the Sierra Madre Mountains. Copala will make you feel that you have just stepped back into time. For years Copala was a virtual ghost town. This village has been slowly restored and is once again thriving, now it is tourism that is bringing people to this charming foothill setting of what once was the ancestral home of former President Lopez Portillo. The impressive Church of San Jose, built in 1740, is one of the finest among its area. A drive from Mazatlan to this small ex-mining town, visited daily by Mexican and foreign tourists, is well worth a day visit if you want a little taste of what life was like in the past. Spend a little time exploring one of the country's most productive mines of gold, silver, and other minerals, then enjoy a gourmet lunch in one of its Mexican restaurants.