The impressive 16th century Church of San Jose was built between 1740 and 1745. This Barroque style Church, among the finest in the area, was built of rose quarry stone, and financed by a wealthy miner, the Marquis of Panuco. He would be pleased to know that the people of the area still worship there today. Because of its age, this charming church seems to hold within its walls, secrets and memories of its past. As one of Copala's dominant attractions, inside there are very old paintings as well as beutiful neoclassical altars. Apart from this, in front of the church lies the plaza where the locals, both adults and youth, gather each afternoon to chat over the news of the day. A donation box is prominently desplayed in the entry for visitors to contribute to its preservation. If you wish to enter, it is very important you do not wear shorts, tanktops, or other inapproprite attire.